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Tuesday, 13. January 2015
Hi-tech Trackers Will Play Big Role In Fitness In 2015 - Experts - Yahoo News
By trevawikla, 21:07

Maine woman ?allergic to the world,? thanks to rare disease | Fox News

The San Francisco-based company determined the trends by analyzing the minutes logged for each activity, divided by the daily active users, which they compared to 2013 and controlled for database growth. SoulCycle, a national chain of indoor cycling studios, was among the popular trends in 2014, with a participation increase of 75 percent, which is likely to continue this year, according to the data. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which alternates all-out effort with recovery periods, jumped 28 percent and CrossFit, a demanding, back-to-basics regimen, was up 15 percent. Although Zumba, the dance and aerobics routine, is still popular, the figures showed it lost some momentum in 2014 with a nine percent drop in the number of participants. The data is consistent with the findings from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Michelle Halkerston Bought The Company She Worked For--Should You? - Forbes

The app offers up workouts for each non-rest day (rest days are simply not listed), and the main screen shows a neat timer that includes elapsed time and remaining time (for those of you who like to watch the clock obsessively). The app lets you play your own playlists (including playlists from Spotify and Pandora) and integrates with third-party products such as Nike+ GPS and MyFitnessPal, as well as social media for extra inspiration. Unlike other Couch-to-5K apps, C25K is completely free (albeit ad-supported). The app offers motivational quotes and exercise tips upon launch, and includes a fitness forum.

Train for a marathon like a pro with these apps | Macworld

It announced Friday it had entered into an alternative to a federal court bankruptcy filing with a firm that handles liquidation and workouts for troubled firms, the Daily Record reported. In another difficult turn for Jacksonville employees, News4Jax has learned that 450 employees with Swisher International, Inc., have lost their jobs since the company announced in September 2013 it would be outsourcing production to the Dominican Republic. Regulatory pressures and the shift of cigar manufacturing to the Dominican Republic by both established competitors and new entrants to the market created price pressures we needed to address, Swisher spokesman Joe Augustus said in a news release. Moving part of our production capacity offshore is part of our new business plan and is a decision that was not made hastily. Everyone involved in this decision focused on the goal of maintaining as many jobs as possible in Jacksonville. Copyright 2015 by

Employees face layoffs at several local companies | News - Home

Most scents, Lysol, air fresheners, perfume, cologne, food color dyes, pain medications, antibiotics, candy, soap, ChapStick, powder Goodwin, of South Portland, Maine, rattles off the things shes allergic to in a video for Narratively. Among the other things shes allergic to: sunlight, latex, dust. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Saying Im allergic to the world is helpful too, she says in the video. MCAS prevents Goodwin from maintaining a job and close physical relationships with friends, the Portland Press Herald reported. Her social life consists of daily workouts at a local gym that commits to using only unscented cleaners.

Future Five: Entertainment for the week ahead |

at the school at 311 E. Madison St. In addition to the all-you-can-eat pancake and whole-hog sausage breakfast with coffee, juice and milk, St. Thomas School is raffling an Xbox One to raise money for a class trip. Parish members are processing at least 13 hogs to help provide food for this event.

The management team that had purchased Hassett in 1980 was comprised of four members. Within eight years, two of the original four passed away. Although the company had a strong management team, there were questions surrounding the plans of the remaining owners as they reached retirement age and what would happen with the company. While Hassetts purchase is a happy ending, the story is also a cautionary tale about the value of making succession plans as thorough as possible in advance of the need. Yes, buying the company you work for from the boss you report to is awkward. So in essence, I pointed out, Halkerston was mounting a bid to buy a company that public reports peg at revenue of more than $50 million from her boss.

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